Community Support and Social Enterprise

As a social enterprise First Stage Solutions aims to be a business that contributes through trade to help improve communities and tackle social problems. This might sound like charity work, but social enterprises are businesses and therefore when we profit, communities also profit. See more at:

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How does it work?

We recognise the critically important role which voluntary and community organisations (VCOs) perform, both in the UK and beyond. However, we also understand some of the challanges which these organisations face in both recruiting appropriate professional skills and accessing funding.

At First Stage Solutions we support the work of VCOs in three key ways;

1. Client directed support

We offer all of our clients the opportunity to nominate a VCO of their choice to receive discounted and/or free training.

For every 10 trainees we will train one person from a nominated VCO for free, or for every 10 courses purchased (minimum 5 trainees), we will provide one full course (maximum 10 trainees) for a nominated VCO at only 35% of normal cost.

2. Existing VCO partnerships

We already work with a number of organisations, including drug and alcohol groups, providing them with training at substantially discounted rates.

3. International support

As our business grows we are aiming to provide both financial support and professional aid (through sponsored secondments etc) to a number of International medical aid agencies, including Médecins Sans Frontières MSF (Doctors Without Borders).

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