About Us

We believe the most important aspect of any training is you and your business. Listening to our clients and understanding their needs helps us ensure we deliver the most effective and appropriate training.

More About Us:

Professional, Experienced Staff

Our team are all practising medical professionals, which means when they are not providing training and/or consultation services to our clients, they are delivering services as Paramedics, Ambulance Technicians or Accident & Emergency nurses. (Although we do allow them the occasional holiday!)

Range and Approach

We work extensively across a wide range of business sectors, including; Construction, Catering, Security, Hospitality, Warehousing & distribution, Media & Creative industries, Local Government and the Community & Voluntary sector. Our clients range from new and small businesses to larger well established corporate companies.

We pride ourselves in having a new, dynamic and flexible approach to what can often seem dull and irrelevant, but legally necessary training.

We also believe strongly in the old fashioned values of service and quality, as such, we recognise that meeting our clients face to face and getting to really know their business, is the only way of providing truly effective training, which will enable businesses to maintain and improve the safety of their employees.

Value for Money

Our professional approach to project management ensures that both we and our clients have a clear understanding of the schedule, time, costs and quality assurance measures, including impact, of any training and/or consultation we deliver, providing a clear and accountable record of all our work and services.

Community Support

We recognise the importance of community and the often essential role that many community and voluntary organisations play in providing services and support pathways, especially to those who are more vulnerable and/or disadvantaged in society. As a social enterprise, an important part of our work is providing support to these organisations, through training and consultancy, (see Community Support and Social Enterprise). Enabling them to continue to provide help and support, in what are increasingly difficult financial times for funding and grant aid etc.